Five, Six, Seven, Eight...LLC


This Jazz class is "old school" jazz with flavors of Fosse, Robins, Dunham & Broadway on up to the origins of MTV an d Hip-Hop. The format for this class is center floor work (standing & seated), across the floor work, then putting together a combination at the end of class. The warm-up is set routine with some variation in steps. This is to give students the chance to learn the basics of jazz through repetitive movements & instruction. This is an aerobic type work-out at the beginning level. Jazz works the body in a similar fashion as Ballet, with similar benefits, but has a definite faster pace aerobic component. This is a very fun class.

Dress Code 

Dance attire is much like a uniform. You want to wear the most appropriate clothing & shoes so that you can dance without without anything getting in you way. If you have any questions regarding attire please contact us.
  • Jazz or Modern shoes or Ballet slippers (no street shoes)
  • Leotard or T-shirt
  • Tights, Leggings or Dancewear Sweats/Pants
  • Leg Warmers
  • Hair pulled back off face
  • Please no dangling jewelry, perfume/cologne or other strong scents.
* You can go on-line to Discount Dance Supply and use my teachers discount code (TP33429). I have also noted particular items that I recommend.

If you dress like a Dancer, you'll feel like a Dancer

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